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The Little Fiery Dragon

Author Jinnie Walker (Edith Jean Walker) captivates children’s imagination with her new book, The Little Fiery Dragon (English/Chinese translation).

In this colorfully illustrated children’s tale, a little dragon demonstrates compassion, selflessness, and gratitude as he does everything in his power to fulfill an important mission.


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Sarah Banksia

      Sarah Banksia is a banksia seed cone come to life. She is 50 million years old. Margaret is a small girl who dreams of Sarah’s great journey aboard the Australian continent all those years ago as it is set loose from the rest of the world to drift freely on the wide blue sea

      The book has been written as an epic poem to be performed on stage and begins with the landing of Captain Cook in Australia. We feel the wonder felt by Margaret who is privileged to be entertained by a unique assembly of Australian birds who sing the long story of how the elements fought amongst themselves to create the rivers and the mountains and eventually how flowers and seeds first came to be born. Pelican, Swan and Emu explain in metaphysical terms, for all ages, how symbiotic relationships between animals and plants were integral to the development of animals and humans.

Sarah arrives in Australia on her birthday and finds her great ancestral relative the Wollemi Pine who is 90 million years old too, on that very day!

From the earliest life forms the author takes us on a journey of morphological discovery where “HAPPINESS” as a rounding force is contingent to the greening of the earth.

The author acknowledges deep respect for Aboriginal people and mourns the loss of their rich language and culture.

Phillip Adams in his ‘Foreword’ rates this book as an Australian classic.

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